…hello? Mystery 1

Hampshire College Mainstage Theatre

Scenography: Peter Kallok
Lights: Zack Shepard
Sound: Cameron Vokey

…hello? Mystery I. Using only design elements (light, sound, scenery, props, etc), I wondered how to respond to a specific story of trauma and heartbreak. Realizing that I could not do this alone, I invited two students to help me. It quickly grew into a collaboration that involved more students (performers) after a design “script” was formulated. The piece began with the ring of a cell phone (of course, after telling the audience to silence theirs). The movement of design and performers traveled further and further upstage. Curtains were opened, suspended costume/scenic pieces were pulled onstage and, eventually, the loading door to the shop was opened. The movement proceeded to the far reaches of the shop…and quickly reversed course.

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