…by a thread Mystery 4

Hampshire Mainstage Theatre

Cameron Vokey
Zack Shepard
Ashur Rayis
Eva Claycomb
Mike Rozycki
Kyle Zamcheck
Megan Dannenberg
Teff Nichols
Nick Chandler

…by a thread Mystery 4 began with the construction of four large suspended “curtains of clothes.” A panel of orange garments and a panel of frilly pieces were positioned stage right. A panel of undergarments and a panel of formal attire were positioned stage left. We invited four performers to improvise character monologues based on one panel of clothing . Sound effects were performed live in view of the audience by a stage manager and a musician. The piece began with a lone, white, thread stuck to the black main curtain. The stage manager instructs the actors to remove it without revealing themselves. The Weavers by Hauptmann influenced the sound (constant hum) and the repetitive movement.

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